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Happiness Over History

Last year I chose HAPPINESS over HISTORY. For once in my life I put me first! I chose to make ME happy before I made anyone else happy. The last 3 years gave me anxiety, depression, heartache and pain. I cried more tears in 2018 than I've cried in a life time.
To put all of me into something and get nothing but a watered down "Thank you" or "I love you"  killed me. But I kept doing it because I invested SO MUCH TIME! We had history so it had to get better right? All I have to do is roll with the punches. That'll show them I'm worth it, that'll show them I'm deserving. WRONG!. It just showed them they could give me the bear minimum and I would continue to give my all!
I prayed and they preyed harder, I cried and they pried. I'm a tough cookie yes, but to be honest I'm just a girl who want's to be loved the right way! And since no one can do it I had to do it myself. I changed my diet, I changed my mindset, I changed my environment, I changed my career, I changed my military status, I changed my relationship status (I was dumped), I changed my address, I changed my attitude towards life, I changed my perspective and I changed my prayer(s). I changed everything that wasn't making me happy. I chose me! And I will continue to choose me because happiness looks good on me. 
Happiness Over History.
Sometimes the blessing is the journey. Ride it out!

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