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Queen Tee's is a T-shirt and apparel line created to capture the essence of a woman. Queen Tee's is for the entrepreneur, the SheEO, the hustler, the career woman, the veteran, the "nerd", the melanated Queen, the spiritual woman and most of all the woman who loves being unapologetically herself! That woman is the woman behind this brand. 


 Meet the woman behind the brand. 


DeJan is a 32 year old Veteran, Entrepreneur and Scientist. 

Yup, you read that right! My brand caters to women like me, as a whole or individually. I've always liked different. I didn't want what everyone else had and when it came to fashion, I wanted to be the only girl in the room with it. I've always been creative and very poetic. I'm a Pisces so catchy phrases, quotes and designs come to me naturally.

A few years ago, I started getting these cute designs and funny quotes on t-shirts. Not only did I get tons of compliments when I wore them, but the merchants always loved my designs. Finally, I decided it was time to turn my little fun hobby into a business. All of our shirts are designed by me for women like me! Each design is inspired by my personal life. Many of us have the similar stories and now we can connect through fashion. I am such a woman's woman, and I love to uplift my Queens! Thank you for listening to my story and thank you for allowing me to be unapologetically myself. A true Queen.

Talk to you soon Q-tee’s.