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Imma HOE

When I was in college my boyfriend took a different path and stayed at home. I was a Forensic Science major so my work load was crazy. I had 9 classes while my peers has 5-7. I was on a scholarship so I HAD to graduate on time. I never told anyone but I cried myself to sleep many night. I was stressed and homesick most of my freshman year. One day I couldn't hide it, I was on the verge of losing my scholarship (which I did) and all my boyfriend wanted to do was argue about not being able to talk to me as much as he used to.

My friends convinced me to go out with them. I needed it and they knew it. I had been to parties before but this would have been my first time in a real club. The good girl, the valedictorian, the church girl going to an actual club, YIKES! I told my boyfriend and he was not happy about it. We argued per usual but the nail in the coffin for me is when he called me a HOE! My boyfriend of two years called me a hoe because I went to a club for the first time in my life. He didn't believe that it was just a girls night out. His reason was "there is no way you're always studying, you're out there being a hoe!" 

I repeated "I'm a hoe?" just to be sure I heard him correctly. He confirmed and that's when I lost it. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 2am in Sheetz and I was on the phone telling everyone in the gas station "Imma HOE! hey did you know I was a hoe?" This wasn't the reaction he expected but the way my sarcasm is set up that's what he got. I went on to tell him "I've been working my butt off to be the first in my family to get a degree. If me going out for one night makes me a hoe then imma be a hoe. At the end of the day the grind wont stop so let me save us both the trouble, I'm done! Imma be a hoe!" And that's what I did. I Hustled Over Everything!

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