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I became a CEO in 2018. I started my own business right when women were beginning to thrive as business owner. I love everything about being a woman. However being a female entrepreneur  is challenging in a male dominant career field. We are over looked no matter how high our heels are and most of our accomplishments are over shadowed by our "pretty". 

What do I mean by this. I mean people will say things like "she only got XYZ because she's pretty" or "she must have slept her way to the top". Not only do we hear this but a lot of our peers do not believe we can run a company as well as a man. Truth be told behind some of the most powerful men is an even more powerful woman. I love making people acknowledge women. I am a woman and I am capable of running a successful business just like a man. The only difference is I can do it in 6in heels!


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